“There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.”
-Arthur Conan Doyle, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.”
-Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes
“The girl gave him a look which ought to have stuck at least four inches out of his back.”
-Raymond Chandler, The Long Goodbye
“The problem with putting two and two together is that sometimes you get four, and sometimes you get twenty-two.”
-Dashiell Hammett, The Thin Man
“We didn't exactly believe your story, Miss O'Shaughnessy, we believed your 200 dollars. I mean, you paid us more than if you had been telling us the truth, and enough more to make it alright.”
-Dashiell Hammett, The Maltese Falcon
“I spent most of my dough on booze, broads and boats… and the rest I wasted.”
-Elmore Leonard, LaBrava
“There were not so many physical threats that could not be countered with a decent hammer.”
-Stieg Larsson, The Girl Who Played With Fire
“The dead have never bothered me. It's the living that I fear.”
-Patricia Cornwell, Postmortem
“The hard thing about death is that nothing ever changes. The hard thing about life is that nothing stays the same.”
-Sue Grafton, J is for Judgment
“There is nothing you can do about the past except keep it there.”
-Michael Connelly, The Brass Verdict
“There is no client as scary as an innocent man.”
-Michael Connelly, The Lincoln Lawyer
“Woe to he who checkmates his opponents at last, only to discover they have been playing cribbage.”
-Jedediah Berry, The Manual of Detection
“The joke was thinking you were ever really in charge of your life. You pressed your oar down into the water to direct the canoe, but it was the current that shot you through the rapids."
-Scott Turow, Innocent
“They found out about him in July and stayed angry all through August. They tried to kill him in September."
-Lee Child, Without Fail
“Put all your eggs in one basket... the handle's going to break. Then all you've got is scrambled eggs.”
-J.D. Robb, Remember When
“It doesn't have to make sense; it just has to sound like it does.”
-Elmore Leonard, Freaky Deaky
“He was too old to be working, too young to be dead, and too broke to do anything else.”
-Chris Culver, Just Run
“Love, when you get fear in it, it's not love any more. It's hate.”
-James M. Cain, The Postman Always Rings Twice
“Our words are giants when they do us an injury, and dwarfs when they do us a service.”
-Wilkie Collins, The Woman in White
“It takes far less courage to cling to the past than it does to face the future.”
-Sandra Brown, Envy
“Touch comes before sight, before speech. It is the first language and the last, and it always tells the truth.”
-Margaret Atwood, The Blind Assassin
“If you place your head in a lion's mouth, then you cannot complain one day if he happens to bite it off.”
-Agatha Christie
“I have great faith in fools … my friends call it self-confidence.”
-Edgar Allan Poe

Police Procedural

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View All Titles published in the last year

  • Cover Image
    The Troubled Man
    Henning Mankell

    On a winter day in 2008, Håkan von Enke, a retired high-ranking naval officer, vanishes during...

  • Cover Image
    The Fallen Angel
    David Hewson

    Acclaimed author David Hewson returns with this mesmerizing new thriller featuring Nic Costa...

  • Cover Image
    The Impossible Dead
    Ian Rankin

    The Complaints: that's the name given to the Internal Affairs department who seek out dirty...

  • Cover Image
    A Death in Summer
    John Banville (as Benjamin Black)

    On a sweltering summer afternoon, newspaper tycoon Richard Jewell—known to his many enemies as...

  • Cover Image
    The Hanging Wood
    Martin Edwards

    Twenty years ago, a teenage boy, Callum Hinds, went missing in England’s Lake District. His...

  • Cover Image
    Bill James

    After the dreadful business when his son and wife were shot, Mansel Shale has turned to God –...

  • Cover Image
    Arne Dahl

    After successfully—but bloodily—dismantling a complicated hostage situation at a bank in the...

  • Cover Image
    The Border Lords
    T. Jefferson Parker

    Charlie Hood searches for an undercover agent who has disappeared, only to resurface in a...

  • Cover Image
    Until Thy Wrath Be Past
    Asa Larsson

    As spring arrives in the far north of Sweden, a young woman's body surfaces through the...

  • Cover Image
    The End of the Wasp Season
    Denise Mina

    When a notorious millionaire banker hangs himself, his death attracts no sympathy. But the...


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  • Cover Image
    The Return of the Dancing Master
    Henning Mankell

    When retired policeman Herbert Molin is found brutally slaughtered on his remote farm in the...

  • Cover Image
    Borkman's Point
    Hakan Nesser

    Chief Inspector Van Veeteren is called to the sleepy coastal town of Kalbringen to assist the...

  • Cover Image
    Mister X
    John Lutz

    He mutilates his victims. Slices their throats. And carves an X into their flesh. Five years...

  • Cover Image
    Echo Park
    Michael Connelly

    In 1995, Marie Gesto disappeared after walking out of a supermarket in Hollywood. Harry Bosch...

  • Cover Image
    Midnight Fugue
    Reginald Hill

    The highly anticipated return of Dalziel and Pascoe, the hugely popular police duo and stars...

  • Cover Image
    L.A. Outlaws
    T. Jefferson Parker

    Los Angeles is gripped by the exploding celebrity of Allison Murrieta, her real identity...

  • Cover Image
    Mind's Eye
    Hakan Nesser

    The swift conviction left Van Veeteren uneasy: Janek Mitter woke one morning with a brutal...

  • Cover Image
    Before the Frost
    Henning Mankell

    In this latest atmospheric thriller, Kurt Wallander and his daughter Linda join forces to...

  • Cover Image
    Woman with Birthmark
    Hakan Nesser

    Chief Inspector Van Veeteren is on the case once more in this breathless thriller of deception...

  • Cover Image
    One Step Behind
    Henning Mankell

    On Midsummer’s Eve, three role-playing teens dressed in eighteenth-century garb are shot in a...


View All Titles published in the last 10 years

  • Cover Image
    Mid Ocean
    T. Rafael Cimino

    Special Agent Joel Kenyon, just out of the U.S. Customs Academy, has been assigned to the...

  • Cover Image
    The Fallen
    T. Jefferson Parker

    A good cop, Robbie Brownlaw was thrown from a sixth-floor window of a downtown...

  • Cover Image
    Darker Than Night
    John Lutz

    A killer dubbed "The Night Prowler" has turned the city that doesn't sleep into a town kept...

  • Cover Image
    Body Line
    Cynthia Harrod-Eagles

    David Rogers was a doctor, handsome, charming and rich. He lived the lifestyle of a consultant...

  • Cover Image
    The Black Path
    Asa Larsson

    A grisly torture-murder, a haunting northern Sweden backdrop, and a dark drama of twisted...

  • Cover Image
    The Dogs of Rome
    Conor Fitzgerald

    In this accomplished and riveting thriller, police inspector Alec Blume battles organized...

  • Cover Image
    A Season for the Dead
    David Hewson

    In a hushed Vatican Reading Room, the scene is shocking: a crazed professor shot dead after...

  • Cover Image
    Black Water
    T. Jefferson Parker

    Welcome to a cat-and-mouse game that only bestselling novelist T. Jefferson Parker could...

  • Cover Image
    A Whisper to the Living
    Stuart M. Kaminsky

    A Whisper to the Living continues the adventures (some would say trials and tribulations) of...

  • Cover Image
    Laguna Heat
    T. Jefferson Parker

    Laguna... Where every day the sun makes a promise the nighttime breaks, while the super-rich...


View All Titles published more than 10 years ago

  • Cover Image
    Cop Hater
    Evan Hunter (as Ed McBain)

    Swift, silent, and deadly -- someone is knocking off the 87th Precinct's finest, one by one....

  • Cover Image
    Dead of Jericho
    Colin Dexter

    He meets her at a suburban party. They share a flirtation over their red wine . . . and he...

  • Cover Image
    Under World
    Reginald Hill

    The small mining town of Burrthorpe is economically depressed and mistrustful of strangers-and...

  • Cover Image
    A Thief of Time
    Tony Hillerman

    At a moonlit Indian ruin—where "thieves of time" ravage sacred ground in the name of profit—a...

  • Cover Image
    Gorky Park
    Martin Cruz Smith

    A triple murder in a Moscow amusement center: three corpses found frozen in the snow, faces...

  • Cover Image
    The Laughing Policeman
    Maj Sjowall and Per Wahloo

    The incredible fourth novel in the Martin Beck mystery series by the internationally renowned...

  • Cover Image
    Dance Hall of the Dead
    Tony Hillerman

    Two Native-American boys have vanished into thin air, leaving a pool of blood behind them....

  • Cover Image
    The First Deadly Sin
    Lawrence Sanders

    A compelling drama of a crusty New York City cop who stalks the streets for a psychotic killer...

  • Cover Image
    The Choirboys
    Joseph Wambaugh

    Partners in the Los Angeles Police Department, they’re haunted by terrifying dark secrets of...

  • Cover Image
    Shroud for a Nightingale
    P. D. James

    The young women of Nightingale House are there to learn to nurse and comfort the suffering....