Welcome to Help.

For all users:

To purchase a book, click Go To , then choose the online store. You will then be taken directly to the correct book page in the store.

To access a book category, click on the underlined category on the Home Page. You will then see a page with New, Great, Good, and Classic Books.

To see all the books in a category, click on View all Titles.

To see more about a book, click on its cover or its title.

To see all the books in a series, click Series.

If you have Signed Up for an account and are Signed In:

If you have read a book, click "read". (If you marked a book as read by mistake, click "unread" )

If you see a book that you are interested in, click "interested". (If you are no longer interested in the book, click "uninterested")

When you click Go To and see the choice of online stores, you can click the checkbox 'Skip this screen if the book is available at my preferred store.' Then the next time you click 'Stores' you will go directly to your preferred store. To undo this feature, click My Account, then the Edit tab, then scroll down until you see the 'Skip the Choose Store screen' check box and uncheck it.